Brighton Housing Contracts

Spring 2024 Contracts

(No early check ins)


(updated March 27th) 

Men Townhomes: 1 Selling ($1350) 

Men Apartments: FULL

Women Townhomes: 5 spots

(21-30) 3 spots (single spots available) ($1450) (16-20) 2 spots available in the same TH. ($1400)


They will open in May!

We will have more details at the end of April. 

Online Signing:

  1. Download the correct contract (male apartment, male townhome or women townhome)
  2. Read, fill out & sign the WHOLE contract (don’t forget the last page)
  3. Email it to Brighton Management:
  4. We will let you know we received your contract and if there is still availability:
    1. We will make you an online portal
    2. You will get an email (to the address you filled out on the contract) with a link so you can pay
      1. Payment Options:
        1. Online Portal: Card (percentage surcharge) or Bank Routing Number (smaller standard surcharge)
        2. Phone: Card (surcharge)
          1. Connextion Property Management: (208) 360-0097
        3. In person: Cash, Cashier’s Check, Money Order
          1. Brighton Office: 242 W 6th S Rexburg, ID (next to volleyball net)
        4. In person: Cash, Cashier’s Check, Check, Money Order, Card (surcharge)
          1. Connextion Property Management:124 E Main St, Rexburg, ID 83440
        5. You have 48 hours to pay! If you do not pay, you DO NOT have a spot and we will move to the waitlist
        6. Once you have paid, you officially have a spot for the Spring 2024